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Latest News from August 2012

We are gearing up for September, with 2 main events.
First of all, Meditation classed return to Cranmore Memorial Hall on Tuesday 25th Sept 7pm until 9pm. Cost is £5 per class inc refeshments  Inner Peace DL Flyer-Season3

Secondly, Paul will be facilitating the 16 Guidelines for Life workshop over the weekend of 29/30th Sept at CoExist, Hamilton House Bristol. Cost is £80 for the weekend, and you need to reserve your place soon as it is booking up really quickly

16 Guidelines For Life-2 Day Workshop in Bristol 29/30 Sept 2012

I will be facilitating this on behalf of Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom (UECW) , more details soon.


Winter Mindfulness in Cranmore

Feedback from Winter Mindfulness Classes in Cranmore

Over the 4 sessions over 20 people came along and joined us in a range of mindfulness based meditations and techniques to help create a happy and fulfilling life.

Each class had an average of 12 to 16 people attending and everyone seemed to go away happy, equipped with a range of simple meditations and practices to help create a happier and more fulfilling life for themselves.

On our final session we asked them what they thought of the program and 93 percent rated the workshops excellent or very good, with a good proportion intending to come back either for the four Spring sessions, or at least to the occassional drop in class.

Love Paul

Mindfulness for a Happy Life in Cranmore

Following on from the success of the first season of meditations,
Mindfulness for a Happy Life in Cranmore Continues

Learn simple mindfulness based practices that will lead to…

  • Greater relaxation
  • Lower stress levels
  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Greater concentration and focus
  • Increased positivity
  • All round happier and more fulfilled life


Evenings (7 to 9pm), at Cranmore Memorial Hall, West Cranmore BA4 4QJ – drop in or book in advance.

The sessions are based on a unique combination of ancient Eastern wisdom and modern day science. MINDFULNESS FOR A HAPPY LIFE is a tried and tested approach that is used extensively around the world. (Click here for more general info) This course offers a low cost, highly effective method of getting your life on track and enjoying it to the full. Our first season during January to March regularly saw 15+ people turning up to enjoy the meditations.

Term Dates

  • Tuesday 3rd April
  • Tuesday 17th April
  • Tuesday 1st May
  • Tuesday 15th MAy



Cost per term is £25 in advance (4 sessions), including the workbook ‘Guidelines for a Happy Life,’ and unique support materials to make your experience effective and enjoyable. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to ‘Drop in’ on a per session basis – cost £7.50 per session

Mindfulness & Meaning Workshop

Ammerdown Centre, 30th October 2011

Sundays Mindfulness and Meaning workshop was really enjoyable with lots of peaceful and happy people going away with simple tools to keep their intentions going and maintain their relaxed and optimistic outlook. Some of you were interested in continuing the Tara mantra chanting and you can find this on Tony’s blog, along with details of the fantastic sound healing workshops that he runs

This was the fourth in a series of participatory workshops in the ‘Medicine for a Happy Life’ sessions, introducing simple and effective meditation and positive thinking practices. After three successful workshops during 2010 / 2011, the fourth session of the “seasonal” workshops focused on Mindfulness and Meaning. Look out for details of the next workshop.

We are now turning our attention to 2012 and kicking off a brand new initiative with regular Tuesday evening Mindfulness based sessions on our door step in Cranmore Memorial Hall. These commence on January 17th at 7pm, and if you are local and interested can I suggest you sign up straight away as initial interest is good . See leaflet for more details


East Meets West Day with Rob Preece

9th March 2012 at 10am until 4pm

Rob PreeceRob’s Background – The Early Years

Following a four year apprenticeship in electronics engineering, Rob went to university to study psychology. It was at this time he met both the work of C.G. Jung and Buddhism. In 1973 after a period of travel he met Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche in Nepal. Since that time he has been a practicing Tibetan Buddhist.

After working as a social worker, Rob was part of a small group that founded a Buddhist centre in the UK for his Tibetan teachers. For the next four years he studied the foundations of Tibetan practice in that Buddhist community. In 1980 he returned to India and was in retreat for much of the next five years.

This gave him a chance to explore the practices of the Tantric tradition in some depth, meditating under the guidance of Lama Yeshe, Zopa Rinpoche and Gen Jhampa Wangdu in particular. While in India he was fortunate enough to receive teachings on many of the important aspects of Tibetan Buddhism, in particular Tantric teachings, from Lamas such as H.H. Dalai Lama, Song Rinpoche and many others. It also gave him the opportunity to learn Tangkha (Tantric Icons) painting.

Psychotherapist Training

Returning to the West, he at first lived as a Tangkha painter, then in 1985 he trained as a psychotherapist, principally with the Center for Transpersonal Psychology. This began the process of bringing together the two worlds of Buddhist and Western psychology. He has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1988, gradually developing a style that is a synthesis of Buddhist and Jungian understanding.

Meditation Retreats

Since 1985 he has been leading meditation retreats following the instruction and guidance of his teachers. Lama Yeshe was particularly influential in this, supporting his integration of a more Western approach. This has meant gradually guiding people through a kind of apprenticeship in the practice of Tantra. Increasingly, Rob has become involved in what he now calls spiritual mentoring – bringing together his experience of both Eastern and Western approaches. This has also led to writing The Psychology of Buddhist Tantra and The Wisdom of Imperfection.

He leads many meditation retreats in the UK. As a father of two sons, an experienced Tangkha painter and a keen gardener, he tries to ground Buddhist practice in a creative practical lifestyle.

For further information about Rob, please visit his website


  • A day of guided meditations for calm, relaxation, clarity and inner peace.
  • A day of shared insights and meaningful conversations based on Rob’s experience as both an accomplished Buddhist Meditation Teacher and a Transpersonal Psychologist.
  • A day with opportunities to explore the beautiful, inspiring surroundings of Ammerdown Park.


Click here to listen to the audio from Rob’s morning session.



The workshop will be held at the Ammerdown Centre, Radstock. Nestled in woods next to a Stately Home, it is surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens and parkland. Situated only 12 miles from Bath and 20 miles from Bristol, the whole place is steeped in peace and tranquillity.

Initially opened in 1973, Ammerdown was extensively refurbished in 2004 / 05 to offer excellent modern facilities, whilst retaining all the charm of the original 18th Century building. With easy access and ample free on-site parking, it’s a perfect location for conferences and retreats.

The Ammerdown Centre, Radstock, Bath, Somerset BA3 5SW

Ammerdown Centre Map


The Ammerdown Centre Driveway

Quote from workshop participant

Of all the meditations I have done over the years, this feels like the most accessible and relevant to my daily life

Love, Annie xx


If you want to see my LinkedIn profile, click on this button:

Milan Petrovic


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    • It was great to have an opportunity to learn about, and most importantly, practice some of the key mindfulness techniques. These aren’t just tools for stress reduction, but tools for living a more balanced, fulfilled and connected (through greater self awareness) life. Highly recommended.  

    • Really good. Practical day that’s confirmed I need more of “this” in my life. I feel like I’m leaving with some tools to trial at home which will hopefully help me create some new, healthier habits. Beautifully facilitated and held, thank you.

    • Super location, valuable informative and thought provoking. Solidified what I already knew about mindfulness and provided lots of other ways/things for me to work with, both personally and professionally. Inspirational. Taught with humour and skill, really fantastic, thanks.

    • Very inspiring, relevant and useful. Great pace – great space and Paul made everything really tangible and accessible. Fantastic, I learnt things that will be very useful to take away.  

    • Just the right balance of theory and practice – well worth the time and energy.

    • Great, it made me realise that I needed to devote more time for my mindfulness, as the pressures from my work life have increased. I will be making changes to my daily life straight away as a result.

    • Great. Nice flow, not “too much” crammed in. Good tips to help with ongoing meditation and mindfulness practice – and great lunch.

    • Simple techniques and awareness that will make a big and useful difference in anyone’s life.

    • A superb workshop. Thoroughly valuable in both a personal and professional capacity. Highly recommended.

    • Meaningful and resourceful – it flowed so well and I got an enormous amount of energy and tools to play with. Great structure, coach and students.

    • Really brilliant day.