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Dragonfly Deeper Discovery Workshop

I am facilitating the first Dragonfly Deeper Discovery workshop at Jamyang Centre in London on October 10th, 10am to 4pm. There will be 3 main parts to this:

1)  Introduction to simple MINDFULNESS techniques that have been proved to improve resilience against the escalating stresses of work (and life) as well as greatly enhance your skills of focus and concentration and generally improve your overall health and well-being. So, if you are wondering what all the fuss is about around mindfulness, or just want some practical tools, then the day is worth it just for this.
2) In conjunction with this, I will be sharing some simple but powerful ENERGY MASTERY techniques, which will make an instant difference in helping you manage your time and keeping balance in your life.
3) Last but not least, you will be one of the very first people to be able to receive an INSIGHTS DEEPER DISCOVERY evaluation and profile. This is a wonderful tool that really helps you explore your key strengths and help identify the areas in your life where you can improve your self-confidence and self-worth, and focus on those activities and relationships that will make you more productive, more effective and above all, happier.

dragonfly-flyingI am now taking bookings for the workshop. The cost is £300 plus vat and includes Deeper Discovery profile and all materials, plus lunch and refreshments. Date is 10th October 2013, 10am until 4pm at Jamyang Centre in Kennington.

You can reserve a place by emailing or calling me on 07974 254355.

very best wishes,

Quote from workshop participant

Of all the meditations I have done over the years, this feels like the most accessible and relevant to my daily life

Love, Annie xx


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    • It was great to have an opportunity to learn about, and most importantly, practice some of the key mindfulness techniques. These aren’t just tools for stress reduction, but tools for living a more balanced, fulfilled and connected (through greater self awareness) life. Highly recommended.  

    • Really good. Practical day that’s confirmed I need more of “this” in my life. I feel like I’m leaving with some tools to trial at home which will hopefully help me create some new, healthier habits. Beautifully facilitated and held, thank you.

    • Super location, valuable informative and thought provoking. Solidified what I already knew about mindfulness and provided lots of other ways/things for me to work with, both personally and professionally. Inspirational. Taught with humour and skill, really fantastic, thanks.

    • Very inspiring, relevant and useful. Great pace – great space and Paul made everything really tangible and accessible. Fantastic, I learnt things that will be very useful to take away.  

    • Just the right balance of theory and practice – well worth the time and energy.

    • Great, it made me realise that I needed to devote more time for my mindfulness, as the pressures from my work life have increased. I will be making changes to my daily life straight away as a result.

    • Great. Nice flow, not “too much” crammed in. Good tips to help with ongoing meditation and mindfulness practice – and great lunch.

    • Simple techniques and awareness that will make a big and useful difference in anyone’s life.

    • A superb workshop. Thoroughly valuable in both a personal and professional capacity. Highly recommended.

    • Meaningful and resourceful – it flowed so well and I got an enormous amount of energy and tools to play with. Great structure, coach and students.

    • Really brilliant day.